Faiz Art Prize, 2011

Volume 4, Issue 1 (November 2009)


Murals by the Master
By Salman Ahmed
This essay is in continuation with NuktaArt’s attempt at bringing the fragments of Paksitan’s art history through the work of its masters. The author, himself the director of the Sadequain Foundation, in USA, visited Pakistan to locate and catalogue Sadequain’s murals  spread all over the country,  as documentation for an upcoming text on two books on the master, one of which deals specifically with his murals.

Narrrative and Anti-Narrative
By Nameera Ahmed
Alternate directions and parallel narratives are discussed through the projects of two new media artists, Faisal Anwar and Usman Haque.  It focuses on how non linear, often ‘disruptive’ progression, breaks away from the confines of chronological progression, and into an endless fluidity.

New Media Art in Pakistan: New Tools of Social Intervention
By Amra Ali
This is an attempt to locate New Media and technology based work from Pakistan in the context of the gallery space and its interface with alternate spaces that reside in cyber reality. Paradoxical realities, both within the local and the diaspora, find voice in new equations of impermanence and social intervention.

Locative Media: A Creature Void of Form
By Rob Van Karanenburg
This contribution from the author of The Internet of Things presents new options for technologically advanced networks to regroup in favour of more pervasive technological options and to locate solutions that seek connectivity to lessen geographic, ecological, economic or social disparity.  The author also explores the role of ‘local knowledge’ as the basis of a powerful connection with the environment.

New Media Practices as New Context Media
By Nancy Adajania
Through the work of two major artists, Nalini Malini and Ranbir Kaleka, the author traces the progression and directions of new media art in India and its relevance within its socio-political framework. The essay  traces the work of other artists like Navjot Altaf, Vivan Sundaram, and  Rumana Husain as they extend the vocabulary of the two dimensional frame into more fluid expressions of new media.

Photo Essay

Khuda Bux Abro
Abro is a prolific artist, photographer, illustrator, graphics designer, calligrapher and cartoonist who held several exhibitions even before he joined the NCA, in Lahore. People are more familiar with his works that appear in the magazine sections of daily DAWN, where he often illustrates articles. Most of Abro's works are strongly political and his intent has always been to get the message out, with little interest in commercial successes. Abro has held shows of digital paintings at Nomad Art Gallery, Islamabad and Nairang Gallery, Lahore.

Art Global

The Burden of Expectations: 7th Shanghai Biennale 2008
By Xhingyu Chen
Xhingyu questions the direction of the work in the recent biennial against the backdrop of past Biennials, and the role of political and social agendas in this important cultural event in Shanghai.

Art Dubai 2009
By Christine Bruckbauer
An in depth survey of the events and the art spread across the outdoor locations and galleries at Art Dubai provides insight into this emerging art centre in South Asia.

Allowing Dreams to Turn Real
By Niilofur Farrukh
A critical look and discussion of the coveted Abraaj Prize at Art Dubai 2009, the writer looks at the collaborations between the three winning artists and curators.  Future strategies and recommendations present new possibilities that could strengthen the cultural revitalization of MENASA countries, with the inclusion of local artists.

The Act is Truth: Performance Art at Art Dubai
By Rumana Husain
Out of the eight performances by seven artists, the writer focuses on the work of Kristie Mc Load, Susan Hefuna,  Monali Meher and Joumana Mourad, supported by strong visuals, also photographed by Husain.


The Romance of Raja Risalu and Other Tales
Authored by Neelam Hussain
Reviewed by Niilofur Farrukh
Illustrated by Laila Rehman, this collection of Punjabi folktales presented in English translation, is accompanied by a text in Punjabi and a glossary that takes into account both local and global readership.

Art Collector

Zishan Afzal
By Ilona Yusuf
The curator of Gallery Khaas , in Islamabad Zishan Afzal opens her private collection to NuktaArt, which includes some rare Sadequains  and Jamini Roys from the 60s. There is an element of surprise in seeing different approaches by younger Pakistani artists like Saqiba Haq , Naveed Sabir from 2008 and others.


NuktaArt in conversation with Savita Apte
By The Nukta Team
A day after the Abraaj Capital Art Prize 2009, was formally unveiled at Art Dubai, the Nukta team met Savita Apte, its Chairperson, to discuss Art Dubai, the Abraaj Prize and its impact on the future of the art in the region.



The Theatre of the Face
One person photography show at Canvas Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
Review by Rumana Husain

Talking About Miniature Painting in Pakistan Today
Group show curated by Hiba Schahbaz Lotia at Eijaz Gallery, Lahore, Pakistan
Review by Atteqa Ali

Revisted via Mail
One person show at Canvas Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
Review by Sumbul Khan
The Coherent Clay
Group Show at IVSAA Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
Review by Nafisa Ali

(Re)visiting Souza
Group show at Aicon Gallery , New York, USA
Review by Karin Shankar

Adeela Suleman-An Uncertain World
One person show at Rohtas Two, Lahore, Pakistan
Review by Laila Mehreen Rahman


Repositioned at M50, Shanghai
Exhibitions at galleries in M50 Art District, Shanghai, China
Review by Rumana Husain


The Face of Faith
One person show at Chawkhandi Art, Karachi, Pakistan
Review by Niilofur Farrukh

Bridges of Love and Tony Monsanto
One Person Show at Siddharta Gallery, Khatmandu, Nepal
Review by Sangita Thapa

A Cast of False Rustoms
One Person Show at Chawkhandi Art, Karachi , Pakistan
Review by Niilofur Farrukh

Belinda Eaton: An Invitation to Participate

One Person Show at VM Art Gallery, Karachi , Pakistan
Review by Amra Ali

The Power of Ornament
Group Show at Orangery of Belvedere, Vienna, Austria
Reviewed by Christine Bruckbauer

Negotiating Identity
One Person Show at Chawkandi Art, Karachi , Pakistan
Review by Amra Ali


Noise Culture and the Tenor of Rupture
Group Show at Gallery in New York , USA
Review by Nico Wheadon