Attractive Features Of Mobile Strike To Become A Hero

The strategic and extensive base-building and military fortification appealed to me most when I played the Mobile Strike game. The setting of the modern war field is what I liked most. I could fight different player to achieve the Head of State title. By this, I could give protection to my allies and create obstacles to my enemies. I could customize my base, craft my equipment. All these were very easy to me as I was guided throughout by the inbuilt translation system in the game. I felt an actual rush of my adrenaline while managing my troops, making alliances to fight an all-out war with my opponents just like a real life army major.

I could create all the armors from the materials on the map. The required much communication with each other in a war field felt authentic to me due to the in-game translation system. All the other features were also very interesting to me. I could level up my commander to spend the talent point and fortify my military base according to my play style like playing with mobile strike hack apk along with me. I felt like a hero while playing the game but there are few things I found needs to be followed to achieve it. The mission prompt at the base of the screen helped me a lot. It showed all the necessary requirements of the base, the buildings and up-grade my defense. It helped me a lot in winning rewards.


The daily missions that I accepted rewarded me with valuable resources. I just had to accept them and wait for the right time to redeem them for my rewards. I applied the same theory for the alliance missions as well. The rewards that I got on redeeming both of these contributed in the addition of my resource. I also played the VIP missions whenever I reached the rank. I specifically found the 24-hour shield which made me invulnerable to my enemies very beneficial. With this feature, I could strengthen my defense like building the wall and have many traps in my base.

The resources that I earned from the daily and alliance missions also helped me in upgrading my production buildings like the oil well and mines. The bouncing boxes that appeared in the left corner of the main menu gave me a lot of freebies. These freebies were very beneficial to me. The tip on scouting the enemy base was very helpful to me at times. I surprisingly found two of the enemy army bases abandoned after the fight. Thankfully it provided me with valuable resources from these abandoned bases. I always leveled up my commander whenever I got the opportunity to various skills.


The most striking feature of the game to me was my capability to create weapons according to my choice and fancy. I kept on collecting the mods and materials from the crates in the alliance stores and delivered it to the armory building. I also was intelligent to follow the instruction and connected my game with Facebook and transacted gold from there which helped me a lot as a valuable resource.



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