Can Art Change the World?

We all take it for fun. Just to get entertained and that’s all. There is power in art, and its force can make the world turn around. To get deeper into the subject, I attest to the fact that art can give you a variety of perceptions, ideas, and knowledge you knew nothing about despite its type. We learn to develop mutuality and virtues from poems, plays or written pieces we come across daily. Empathy, love, forgiveness, kindness and more positive power in life. Doesn’t this bring about cohesion in our societies and generally the entire world? It is in the little details we assume from art pieces.

ArtWhen artwork moves us, it all starts here; we get shifted to another place despite being rooted in the physical experience, our mindset begins to change and even grow. This makes us see and appreciate the brighter side of life and make efforts towards improving the other dark side of the coin. We become knowledgeable of strange feelings. This is the motive of art.

Cohesion and mutuality have art as their base. It is not just about plugging headphones and singing by the lyrics or locking yourself up to finish pages of a novel. Solitary isn’t the thing here. Art events are times to draw different people together. Despite the differences in origin, culture and other aspects, we still congregate and have fun. We are the same but different. Art doesn’t believe in this. Art is an equalizer and non-biased.

In as much as art is diverse, it sets a pace for uncertainty and intuition. The levels of creativity by our artists keep amazing many. There is no consistent approach to it. If there were, then the world would be still. Nothing new and everything boring. Artists always find a way of approaching and relaying contemporary issues not making it feel evident and unorthodox. They always keep in mind everyone’s differences and not want to hurt anyone through their message.

Presently art is combining diversification and uniformity, and there is need to appreciate this. Artists through art can create opportunities for other people. In this manner, art is unveiling talent, skills, and abilities in the world. That is why from a single sculpture, one can develop an interest in growing their empire meaning they will need more workforce. The world is moving from being an idle pitch for crimes and vices to a busy market of growing and viable ideas.

The connection between art and politics is undoubted. In one way or the other art pieces revolve around the ruling, political activism, and happenings. Misinterpretation can be detrimental to the world through occurrences of wars and feuds. How about we take it right and bring change to the world? There is more to emphasizing, love peace and unity through our pieces of art than ridicule, lamentation, and condemnation. Positivity is the power of growth. If art grows positively, is interpreted positively and manifested through our actions, won’t the world be a better place to stay? The planet will be inhabitable because of our deeds.