5 Best Pool party ideas for adults

During the summer, everyone thinks about water and how to cool their body in a pool. Well, one of the best thing you can have is to deep yourself in the blue waters of the pool with friends and families. Most importantly, planning an adult only pool party is an excellent idea and it can be relaxing and fun. In the world we are living in today, experts have made life bearable and you can find many different ideas and themes to choose from when hosting an adult party, and because we care so much about you, here are five best pool party ideas for adults that will make it epic.

  1. Pool Floats

Without a shadow of a doubt, you can never go wrong by having pool floats in your pool. If you want to keep the feeling as tropical as possible, aim to have big pool floats such as strawberry, flamingo, and watermelon for your friends. In addition, you can purchase a baby pool float to be used as a floating cooler and trust me, the party will be exceptional. When swimming, your friends will become thirsty from time to time and if you want them to enjoy every moment in the pool, bring an assortment of floats for their drinks. Then, put the drink floats and drinks in the floating cooler to help your friends swim up to get a drink and pick their favorite float. As a rule of thumb, its advisable to have an electric pump as it will ensure you blow up your floats with ease.

  1. Bring along fun straws

There is no better way to make an adult pool party exciting that bringing along fun straws. It goes without saying that people love creative things and when you bring fun straws such as the ‘cheers’ straws, your friends will be more than excited. Basically, cheers straws give a friendly remark and there could be no other better way than sipping that cold drink with this straw. To make it even more interesting, cheers straws are plastic and they will last longer than paper straws and this will ensure your friends enjoy the party.

  1. Create a party under the stars themed party

Do you want your pool party to make memories that will last forever? If yes, aim at creating a party under the starts themed party which would be elegant and fun. This party is all about twirking lights. For instance, you can include LED or optic lighting to enhance the private night swimming. Also, you can tie balloons with LED lights inside to chairs on your backyard and sprinkle the tables with star-shaped confetti for added ambiance. Include foods that match with this theme such as star-shaped cake, crackers, and cookies, and sandwiches that have been cut into stars.

  1. Beach party themed party

Did you know that you can create beach memories in your backyard? Well, look for beach umbrellas and let your friends spread their beach towels on the poolside. Include beach decorations such as clean sand buckets which you should fill with seashell centerpieces, appetizers or snacks, as well as candles in seashells. To keep your friends hydrated, bring along the ice to hold bottled or canned drinks and include foods that trigger beach memories such as fish or starfish, or shell pasta.

  1. Have old navy flip flops

When you invite your friends for an adult pool party, some might forget to pack their flip-flops which might make them not to enjoy the party especially if the ground gets too hot. If you want them to enjoy every moment in the pool, create an epic party favor and bring few sizes of flip flops for your friends to wear around the pool.

Bottom line

If you have a pool at home, you know exactly what it means to cool yourself, especially during those hot months. Undeniably, deeping yourself in the water with friends is awesome and creates great memories. However, organizing an adult pool party is overwhelming especially because you don’t know the best ideas to make it memorable and exciting, but you don’t have to worry yourself anymore as article will get you started.