Exploring Different Art Techniques

Art techniques can be learned and polished through consistency and practice. Being good at a skill isn’t enough. You can be the best of them all. Both children and adults can identify their favorites and do it during free times or specialize in any as part of your profession. You might be the next big thing in the world. Here is an overview of a few art techniques you can easily bag and work on:


Drawing entails the use of shapes and lines to come up with an intriguing composition that depicts contrast, depth, shadow, and light and gives an impression of dimensions with the help of different degrees in detail. Drawing comes in different types of pencil drawings, sketches, contour drawings, and textural drawings.


PaintingIn painting a substance that has pigment and a binder to leave a film on any surface. The pigment is obtained from human-made or natural material to create individual colors while a binder is a substance that is like oil that is responsible for holding together dry ingredients in a solution. Paints can be acrylic, watercolors, oil paint or encaustic which is a type of paint made from wax. Each kind of paint has its technique. The primary methods of painting include washes, impastos, and glazes. This art involves the use of tools and material like palettes, knives, and brushes of different sizes, canvas, linen, wood, paper or metal.


A sculpture’s work is to make art pieces through shaping, casting, constructing, modeling, and curving stone, wood, clay or metal in different dimensions like intaglio, relief and the round. It involves various techniques in individuality or as combinations. Sculptures have a deeper meaning or story that the sculptor always tells about on exhibition.

Digital art techniques

Digital art techniquesHere there is equipment like computers that are used to create artworks. They include film making, 3D computer modeling, and photo shop. These skills need critical and vast knowledge of computing and the use of the different software.


Handcrafting involves the use of your hands to create new items. Most of the ties ancient techniques that were done by hand are used to do new projects using wood, sisal, fiber, stone, beads and anything. Skills under crafting are woodwork, basketry, blacksmith, weaving, matting, making jewelry, and pottery.


This is the art of producing several images each called a print generally created from a single original surface. Printmaking is in three categories: intaglio printing, relief printing, and planographic printing. Relief printing is where the background is removed to leave a raised image that takes the ink and uses material like wood and linoleum. Intaglio printing involves the use of a metal plate and a selected image is engraved into the metal. Planographic printing involves the entire matrix surface but some areas treated to ensure they retain the ink.


PhotographyPhotography is the practice or art of creating an image produced by an action of light on a material that is light sensitive. Photography has two categories: digital and non-digital photography. Photography has grown through time. Back then photographs were in black and white colors before the world embraced modernity by creating more colorful pictures.